India in the present day is a beautiful blend of traditional and modern design. Indian weddings are always considered as the Big Fat Weddings. This is because they are full of glamour, and excitement. Wedding clothes differ in every season such as spring collection, winter collection, etc. Buy designer sarees for the wedding online based on the needs of different brides — be it different styles or designs. A woman is not associated with her wedding gown as sarees are a part of our tradition since ages. The bridal designer sarees are often shown on the runway, and they are


Music is among the most popular art forms. People enjoy music in various forms— some like to sing, some like to play various musical instruments, some enjoy dancing on music, and many like to listen to music of different genres. To become a professional in any form of music all you need is to have dedication or passion for it and expert guidance. There are many Professional Music Courses in Mumbai that can help you gain expertise in music. The Music courses are beneficial for the all-round development of a child. Researchers have proved that music improves your reasoning skills,


It is important to know certain things about how to buy mutual funds. To invest in a mutual fund scheme, one must have PAN, bank account and KYC. It is mandatory that the bank account is in the name of the investor with a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) and Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) details. There are many mutual fund schemes in the market in which investors can invest in. One can easily invest through offline or online modes or in direct and regular plans as well. It was during January 2013, that all MF houses applied a new

How to Use a Canvas Floater Frame Correctly

When it comes to framing canvas prints, you have plenty of options. You could go the traditional route, and opt for an elegant, ornate frame. You could even be a rebel and go frameless if you really wanted to. However, if you want to make a visual statement, a canvas floater frame might be the best possible option. Of course, you’ll need to know how to use a floater frame correctly. What Is a Canvas Floater Frame, Anyway? First off, let’s touch on what a floater frame is in the first place. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like


To answer the question of how an online fundraising actually works, one can respond by saying it is nothing but the accumulation of funds differing in amounts from varied sources all of whom are approached online to get a project going. To help the process, a number of websites for raising money for a cause, are available. These websites are the best means to get the funds rolling if you are up for a business or a project concentrated to a greater cause. It is especially helpful for the entrepreneurs to start their business with the funds accumulated over the

Top Reasons to Give Custom Canvas Wall Art as Gifts

Custom canvas wall art is perfect to give as a gift for any occasion. If you are wondering what to give those special people on your list this upcoming holiday season, there is nothing like your own photography or artwork turned into a huge canvas wall art print to have thanks you’s flowing your way on Christmas morning. If you still aren’t convinced, read on below for a few of the top reasons that this type of art makes for the best holiday gift giving around. It’s a Part of You Whether it’s your family or a photograph you took

Vodafone Enters into Partnership with HOOQ for TV show and Movie Streaming

As an initiative to provide unlimited movie streaming to its customers, Vodafone India has recently entered into a partnership with HOOQ, a video-on-demand service provider. In an official statement released by the operator, it was clarified that the new services will be available to users on Vodafone’s app from where they will be able to access Live TV, latest movies, music videos, etc. Demand for Entertainment on Smartphones Telecommunication companies acknowledge the growing demands in the Indian market for smartphone entertainment. According to a research, the time spent on smartphones rose significantly during the period January-March 2017 by 16 percent

How Investing in Equity Funds Can Be Beneficial

Putting money into stocks is a great way to grow your money. Choosing the right companies to grow with is important. The best way to get all of the information needed to choose the right Quantum equities is by working with professionals. They will usually have all of the information you need to decide whether or not a particular equity fund is the right fit. Neglecting to do your research before investing in equity funds can lead to a number of problems. The following are some of the reasons why investing in Quantum Long Term Equity Fund may be the

Telenor Prepares for Fierce Competition against Reliance Jio

Considering the expanding subscriber base of Reliance Jio, Telenor has launched two new Telenor data recharge packs for its prepaid customers. As compared to Jio offers, these plans are priced bit lower at INR 116 and INR 146. Both the Telenor data top up plans offer 1GB 4G data per day along with free calls. INR 116 pack offers unlimited Telenor calls while the INR 146 plan gives unlimited calling with a FUP. Like Jio the speed comes down once the data limit of 1GB is consumed. Details of Telenor Data Recharge Offers – Comparison with Jio Offer Operator: Jio

Signs It’s Time to Ditch Your Courier Service and Find a New One

Nothing stays the same. Companies that want to keep on succeeding in the market must always have an eye towards self-improvement and growth. If you already have an overseas courier service that you constantly partner with, here are signs it might be time to ditch that partnership and go build lasting connections with a new one: Poor customer service skills One of the first qualities a courier company should have is efficient and superior customer service skills, says the Houston Chronicle. If the service you use had a change in personnel and can no longer provide this, that could be

Picking a UK to India Courier? 5 Things to Note

Picking a UK to India courier, while not easy, can be a lot less stressful an undertaking than you initially presupposed. Here’s how that goes:

Quality counts

Quality never goes stale. That’s one of the things you’ll always need to check on before you partner up with a courier service. If you want to expand your market, you’ll need to win your customers over and fast delivery times are going to go a long way to making that happen.

Past clients

It says something when previous clients vouch for a company and tell you they’d be willing to work with that courier again. It’s a vote of confidence. With plenty of hacks out there, that vote of confidence can help tip the scales and give you the warning—or prodding—you need to hire a courier or look elsewhere.

Online reviews

As mobile consumption grows, more and more people are going online to check for reviews before they give your business a try. You’ll want to do the same when you look for a UK to India courier. While you could take a ton of positive reviews with a grain of salt, a bevy of negative ones should be enough to help you steer clear of a couple of bad bets.


Another way to find a trustworthy courier is to ask friends and family for referrals. Referrals are gold. You could be lucky enough to get one that’s going to lead you straight to the courier that’s right for your wallet and needs, whether that includes bulk shipments or specialized services, says Small Biz Viewpoints.

Customer service

Excellent customer service makes an impression and creates repeat customers. If you want your consumer base to come back, partnering with a courier service that provides wow is an excellent way to get your business on the map and on track.

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